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Pirate Ship Bedroom Set
For each parent, it is very important to buy a set of children's furniture, which would be interesting to a child at a certain age. The fact is that childhood is the most beautiful and at the same time extremely important period of life of each person. Our best memories, joy and dreams will be always associated with this period. You should not be a designer to provide your child bedroom with beautifully and stylish furniture. Now you can simply order it in our online store.The design of this bedroom set makes it a perfect choice for a little boy. Your son will spend hours in this room playing, studying and soaring like a pirate, of course.
1 692 AED
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Blue Energy Racing Car Bedroom Set
The main reason why races are such a popular room theme is the preeminent interest most boys exhibit for it. Blue Energy Racing Car Bedroom Set will add to the children's room, the energy of speed and motion! Present your child his own world, the world of racing that will always be with him in his room! A bed made in the form of a car will not only serve your child as a sleeping place but also as a personal race car. In addition to "racing" bed, we offer to decorate the bedroom of your boy with other furniture pieces such as a table, a chair, and a wardrobe. This is a bedroom set that can make a child feel like a famous racer! Bed Size: length – 220 cm, depth – 110 cm, height – 69 cm Nightstand Size: length – 55 cm, depth – 45 cm, height – 46 cm Desk Size: length – 96 cm, depth – 61 cm, height – 81 cm Wardrobe Type: 3 Door Wardrobe Wardrobe Size: length – 118 cm, depth – 60 cm, height – 200 cm Material: MDF and ABS Plastic with UV High Gloss paint, approved by European Standards Color: blue Country of origin: China Warranty: 1 year Mattress is not included
1 532 AED
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Pirate Ship Sail Desk
Bring personality to your boy’s bedroom by purchasing this Pirate Ship Sail Desk. It is an original solution for your child's bedroom, the main characteristic feature of which is its sail design. Any boy that obsessed with stories about pirates will love it from the first glance. Now, doing even a routine boring task will turn to be a real adventure! It appears that studying could bring joy and fun!
592 AED
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Princess Palace Bedroom Set
A child’s room should be a place where they feel comfortable, happy, and safe. Those are all characteristics that can be used to describe this Princess Palace Bedroom Set. The set features a сute and inviting color scheme. Gorgeous 4-piece set consisting of a canopy bed, nightstand, wardrobe and a dressing table with mirror provide all a child needs to study, relax, and play. It is made from high-quality non-toxic materials such as MDF and UV paint that meet all international quality standards.Princess Palace Bedroom Set is the great solution for child's bedroom as your little princess deserves the best!
2 040 AED
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Goods 1 - 4 on 4
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Transform the imaginary world of your little one into reality with Dubai Furniture Direct

Kids are often immersed into a magical world of fairy land as they imagine themselves to be lovely princesses or valiant superheroes. Help them make their dreams come true and transform their imaginary world of fantastic creatures into reality. By purchasing our original furniture and implementing some creative design ideas you will surely encourage your mind to create the interior your child always longed for.


Storage ideas for your kid's room

Are you sick and tired of clearing up the mess your children leave during their playtime and you do not have any storage room to put their toys away. Then you definitely need some fresh solutions that will help you bust the cluster in the kids’ bedroom forever.

Opt for the shelves from our store and install them near the ceiling. This will not only keep the toys out of your child's sight, but will also add a hint of modern style to the decor of your kids’ bedroom. The toys can also be displayed on the cubbies. Try out the ones made of light wood and paint them into the right color to beautifully blend in with the interior of your child's living area.

Build-in dressers, pullout baskets or lined bins placed under the bunk beds is another smart solution that supplies oodles of storage for your stuff.

The storage bins set in neat rows in the open bookcase could be a perfect way to conceal your toys while cabinets and wardrobe dressers can be used for storing your kids' clothes.

If you have a pint-size room, using white furniture and background will create an optical illusion of an enlarged space and prevent the room from looking too cramped up.


Multiple design ideas with Dubai Furniture Direct

Decorating your child's room in a way that incorporates style and function might be challenging, but with our furniture this task will definitely seem easy-peasy for you.

Get inspired by your kids' favorite heroes, animals and fairy creatures. Add fun accents by using thematic furniture, bedding and stickers to create playful atmosphere.

The bright colorful furniture, that will suit perfectly either a boy or a girl, will bring a bold, stylish touch to your kid's bedroom design.

Since kids grow fast, their bedroom becomes a place that needs frequent upgrades. But with furniture pieces from Dubai Direct Furniture, your child's living space will never go out of date.

Our classic kids' bedroom sets with straight lines and neutral, pastel finish offer timeless design that will work well in any interior.